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NetSupport DNA version 4.70.0001 beschikbaar voor download Product release
Woensdag 20 Maart 2019, 08:07u
NetSupport DNA version 4.70.0001 has now been released and is available to download. This is currently available in the following language variants:

English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

When updating from version 4.70.0000 to version 4.70.0001 this does not require a new license key and will work with an existing NetSupport DNA 4.70 License. Updating from version 4.60.0002 or older will require a new version 4.70 license key to update to this new version.

Please find details on the fixes included in this new version of NetSupport DNA below:

Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

What's new
    Education and Corporate
  • Enhanced Database Maintenance Delete PCs tab to show PC Node ID next to PC Name.
  • Enhanced the Online update mechanism.
What's fixed
    Education and Corporate
  • Fixed issue with Alert processing of PC in Safe Mode where it would not always trigger.
  • Resolved Top 10 users by printer costs last month not displaying in DNA Console.
  • Fixed issue with PC View settings changes not being saved between sessions.
  • Resolved DNA Console crash when selecting SNMP Device view in the console.
  • Resolved issue with upgrading DNA Web Server component not keeping configuration settings.
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